WebTimer test

This test allows you to check the quality of your connection to the WebTimer. The WebTimer's accuracy is limited by the delays in your local network and the Internet.

To test your connection, press the Start button below and then press it again to finish. The uncertainty due to the measured network delay will be displayed.

Please try this a number of times to get an idea of variations in the uncertainty and whether your accuracy requirements can be reliably met. The uncertainty due to the network delay should be less than 0.5 s. If the uncertainty is consistently too high, try at another time during the day.

Start time: available with subscription

Stop time: available with subscription

Elapsed time: available with subscription

Uncertainty due to the network delay:

A coverage factor of 2 is used when stating uncertainties.

Using NMI time server webtimer-syd.nmi.gov.au

There is a sample report here.